About Us

Spring 2002… this is the beginning of our adventure in the field of press and public relations with one of the most successful exhibitions “More than Reality. 30 sculptures more true than truth”, hosted by the Milan Contemporary Art Pavilion dedicated to the American sculptor Duane Hanson.

Since then, in over sixteen years of activity, we have developed specific skills in contemporary art, culture and design, supporting companies, associations and public institutions, on the occasion of exhibitions, literary festivals, cultural events, national and international.

Contamination! This is the key word on which our work is based, truly believing that only through the contamination of ideas and professionalisms, the best results can be achieved … this is why we have always integrated our know-how with a network of experts in various fields, from social networks to the organization of events.

We do not apply standard strategie, but we elaborate a different communication strategy for each client / project, also resorting to unconventional concepts, innovative cultural lines and new languages.

We are flexible in the operating modes, smart in the budget and we like challenges: where others cannot see a news, we know how to see it and communicate it; where others stop at the first reading, we exploit every detail and every angle of the news.