Is communication good or bad? We cannot say for sure, but one thing is certain: not communicating is not an option, as it means isolating oneself from the world, not just from the art world… Social networks are indispensable, if supported by smiles and likes, and they can help us, but they are not enough.

“Next Generation” is a product designed for young artists who want to let the public start knowing them and by professionals in the field, through the media and social media, enhancing their image and their artistic path.

“Next Generation” is a fluid and smart press office mode, which tries to cross different communication plans with different languages and aims at getting the attention of the major newspapers and magazines in the sector, as well as the social media and the general press.

All this can also be achieved through reduced budgets, without losing effectiveness and professionalism.

Too often the capital mistake in to manage a small budget project thinking that communication is a plus, an extra item and eventually give up on it.

We are convinced, instead, that professional communication must always be an integral part of an artistic project, especially if new and little known: this is why we also help young artists to create tailor-made forms of communication, sewn ad hoc to narrate and spread their ideas in the best way.